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Desk Height and Posture

Posted By Sue Raddon,
09/04/2021 14:00 PM
HOW DESK HEIGHT AFFECTS YOUR POSTURE, HEALTH & PRODUCTIVITY Did you know that desk height can have a profound effect on your life? The height of your desk can strongly influ...

Quick read: Introducing the UV Sterilization Monitor Stand

Posted By Michaella Finch ,
28/02/2021 21:00 PM
2020’s original lockdown and 2021’s lockdown 2.0 has presented us with some challenging times.However, Australian’s have now adapted to a new ‘normal’. We are now more aware than ever of the...

Navigating the workplace around Covid-19

Posted By Michaella Finch,
18/02/2021 20:00 PM
After the recent lock down Perth experienced, it became apparent of how important it is to have not only a great office set up outside of the home, but also a great set up inside of the...

Quick read: How are you returning to work?

Posted By Michaella Finch,
21/01/2021 22:08 PM
As the school holidays come to an end, everyone is slowly returning to their workplaces. Some are returning in new positions, some in new offices and some taking on new ‘work from home’ permanent...